EU MRV Ready Software

A Marine ERP Solution certified by DNV GL to comply with EU MRV requirements.


PAL e3 is an Enterprise Resource Planning (marine ERP) software targeting ship management and ship owners. With PAL e3 you will achieve ‘single version of the truth’ having all data in one place to enable your organization's performance and profitability.

  • A unique product covering all functional areas of the ship management domain with plug and play options for any module.
  • A web based ERP designed for high performance, quicker implementation and easier maintenance.
  • Works with all browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • Intuitive, simple, easy to use and highly customizable, with built-in interfaces to banks and vendors.
  • Comprehensive video based training module covering all modules with built-in self-assessments.
  • PAL e3 is built with optimized processes and workflows to improve productivity.
  • A customizable dashboard approach, facilitating data driven decision making and management by KPI’s.

PAL Modules


  • Multi-Currency
  • Budgeting
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Monitoring vessel expenses and owner cash position
  • Customizable Owner Presentation Charts
  • Banking interfaces with leading Banks
  • Detailed BI reports for Supplier and Client


  • Crew information
  • New Applicant module
  • Competency Management
  • Graphical Planning
  • Crew Recruitment
  • Seafarer Assessment
  • Insurance & Claims
  • Training
  • Ticketing
  • Dashboard based reporting


  • Fee based and Salary based
  • On-board processing of Payroll
  • Automated Cash Register
  • Automated allotment processing
  • Multi-Currency support

Planned Maintenance System

  • DNV GL type certified
  • PMS Data building utilities
  • Equipment data management
  • Job plan creation
  • Scheduling jobs
  • Execution of jobs
  • Ordering spare parts and items
  • Maintenance completed and overdue analysis
  • Condition Based Maintenance Data(CBMD) associated with the asset


  • Full procurement cycle
  • Tracking goods deliveries
  • Connected to EVRY platform
  • Registering and approving of invoices
  • Manage technical expenses against vessel budgets
  • Optimization of inventory based on reorder levels, forecasted consumption and lead time days
  • Process Enquiries and Quotation. Ecommerce ready.
  • Compare and approve quotations
  • Issue, tracking and approval of purchase orders


  • Full voyage leg planning
  • Vessel Position Tracking
  • Forward Planning and notifications of any upcoming port calls
  • Performance module to track the speed vs. consumption vis-a-vis charter party/ sea trials.
  • Trend line for Speed, Consumption, R.P.M, Power and Slip.
  • Port Services, Order Delivery Planning Vis-a-vis Vessel Port Call plan
  • Performance module to track operational efficiency of main engines and generators


  • Seamless integration with PAL PMS and Purchase modules
  • Full workflow from defect jobs tracking to Drydock specification building
  • Generating specification and invitation to tender
  • Direct Access for Yards through web module for entering quotation
  • Multi-Currency Tender and Quote Comparison features
  • Yard firm stemming and generation of Purchase Orders
  • Job Planner and Completion Tracking tools
  • Daily Operational and Financial Progress reporting
  • Project Report Compilation


  • Complete claims handling
  • Create custom Policy Settings
  • Management of Incident details, Expenditures & Payments
  • Claim Statements & Covering letter generation
  • Identifying not accepted Items/Cost
  • Day to day claim process Status update
  • Claim Review & Approval
  • Multiple reports to analyse data
  • Multi-company and User Friendly


  • Flexible structure to suit document management needs for shipping companies of all sizes, with corporate or local offices
  • Support all document types
  • Workflow for document creation, revision, review, approval and publishing
  • Full document controls throughout document life-cycle e.g. versioning, archiving
  • Powerful document search
  • Innovative replication to shore for uploading large documents


  • Module for charterers to manage the entire Post-Fixture part of vessel employment. It is a shore specific module, with no vessel component
  • Maintain vessel employment details, including charter party details, broker details, and broker commissions, address commissions and cost templates
  • Track vessel availability, delivery and redelivery status
  • Pre-voyage estimation
  • Track voyage results (hire & off-hire status of the vessel)
  • Reconcile owner and charterer expenses
  • Chartering reports

Customer Web Access

  • Owner based reporting
  • Customizable Dashboard for every Owner
  • Real time vessel tracker
  • Real time crew information
  • Real time PMS jobs tracker
  • Financial reports for owners


  • Detailed menu planning
  • Calorie tracking for every menu planned
  • Multi-cuisine menus built-in
  • Complete purchase cycle
  • Personalized reports
  • Generate provision requests
  • Food cost management


  • Complete integrated system for reporting, analysis, follow-up of any inspections, audits
  • Incident reporting by vessel and follow-up within the system
  • A rich set of reporting's and dashboard tool for analysis, monitoring and management controls


  • Competency setup for all ranks
  • Promotion criteria
  • Competency tracking
  • Aid professional growth of seafarer


  • Work hour – Rest hour system
  • Compliant with MLC, ILO, STCW, OCIMF matrices
  • Default schedule templates
  • Preparing Crew, Bulk and Vessel Schedule


  • Create your own ticket requests
  • Book and cancel tickets
  • Galileo and Sabre integration
  • Configure your own travel desk

MariApps is one of the first companies to start building mobile applications for the maritime industry. We understand our clients want to make it quick into the mobile first and cloud first world. Our Applications are highly customizable and easy to use.

Seafarer Portal

An information portal with notification alerts for the seafarers. They can use this during and beyond their contract period with the company. Trainings planned, salary processed, next availability, alerts for expiring documents can all be now in the palm

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Vessel Tracker

A unique tool which helps you to keep a tab on your vessels any time anywhere. It gives you near real time updates on your vessel position, get the last port calls, present sea conditions, the current crew list etc. at your palm

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A complete inspection tool at your palm. Enable vessel audits and inspections with recorded audio comments, photos and scores, for a smoother transfer of data and reports. Works as a standalone application as well as an extension of LPSQ laptop module.

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Spend Tracker

A golden tool in the hands of supply chain. They can now know who are their top 10 spenders, the highest turnover vendors and expenses made by departments. The App allows you to drill down to an individual invoice

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Product Info



pal e3
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Software Application Development

Organizations procure different applications to satisfy their business needs. They may be brought from different vendors and which would be built on various technologies, thus making all applications to work stand alone. MariApps offers you all the application development to happen on a common platform, integrate all your application needs under one umbrella and provide the necessary leverage from market offerings. We customize our standard products to suit the client needs.

Our clients deal with globally diversified clientele and our product is customizable to adapt to any global or local requirements. We are specialists in web application development, where we also offer custom solutions like stand-alone applications, utilities for specific purpose etc. Our architects build solutions keeping in mind all the needs of customers. Let us know your problem and we have a software solution just for you.

Mobile Application Development

We are living in a mobile first, cloud first world. We live and move with smart phones and tablets. Adapting to mobile technologies is one of the key aspects for any company to succeed in the present landscape. MariApps has a huge expert pool of mobile developers who build marine applications on the mobile platform. These applications work on all latest mobile platforms like Android, Windows and iOS. The mobile applications give companies the power of making decisions anywhere anytime.

Our solutions like Seafarer Portal, Vessel Tracker, CWA, Spend Tracker are some of the industry best to offer the right information in the most presentable way in your palm. Check out our mobile apps section or request today for a demo to know more about it.


  • The MariApps Team, with their PAL e3 web solution, has introduced tangible efficiencies and brought a fresh approach to IT systems we use daily. We have been working with them for the last 5 years, and they took the time to understand our business and delivered exactly what we needed. With PAL Dashboards and Customer Web Access, I can now get the information that I need, any time, with a focus on the data that is relevant to me. The same applies to my colleagues, who get tailored information, even when they are traveling, as PAL is fully mobile platform compliant. PAL e3 system is used in all our global offices, and has put critical information just a click away. Now I don’t have to wait anymore for a long time to get inconsistent management reports, but I can concentrate on analysing the financial and operational performance of our world wide operations.
    The implementation of the different modules has enabled us to offshore our accounts department to a lower cost environment and the projected cost savings and efficiency gains could be well achieved.
    The Mariapps Team has the right ‘can do attitude’ and I look forward to continue working with them on further enhancements of the software.

    Author image
    • Tobias Pinker
    • CFO Bernhard Schulte , Singapore 2015
  • PAL enterprise solutions, has brought stability and innovation to Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement offices worldwide. PAL e3 has currently 16 modules in our global offices and 300 vessels, covering all functional areas of shipmanagement. BSM has successfully integrated all our processes under the PAL umbrella. We have offices in 30 countries and support from the MariApps team round the clock has been impressive. PAL solutions has also assisted us in achieving significant data quality improvements. We now enjoy a seamless data flow between our offices and vessels. Thanks to PAL system, now BSM is able to provide their customers financial & operational reports through CWA (Customer Web Access) module/dashboards, thereby promoting full transparency of their operations. PAL has provided us a unique, integrated system that gives us a competitive edge in the ship management market.

    Author image
    • David Furnival
    • COO, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement.
  • Creating a ERP module to manage the Maritime Catering Business wasn’t easy. Luckily for us the team at MariApps understood our needs at Seachef, to enhance our services encompassing the latest IT tools available. Not only has the development reduced our operational load but we have cut down on many duplication/errors that were common with manual based system. The operational efficiency within the Seachef team has greatly improved which helped us attend to our onboard customers’ needs faster and efficiently. The support from the MariApps team is prompt which enables to resolve any issues in the minimal time thus having no impact on our business flow. Kudos to them for creating a very unique module for the Maritime Industry which definitely can benefit many in the long run.

    Author image
    • Tapan Kumar
    • General Manager, SeaChef
  • The use of PAL-ticketing from MariApps, has significantly improved the communication process between Eurasia Travel and its clients. By functioning on a single order, with all essential passenger information included, it interfaces with the clients HR systems and minimizes the risk of inaccurate entries. The system tracks all historical correspondence between the agent and the client. It further provides access to all team members from both sides, and it is highly responsive – a key factor on a real time communications tool. Additionally, the function of creating customer profiles is very useful along with the reporting capabilities. The support from the PAL team is always prompt and quick, enabling us to effectively handle our day-to-day activities. They definitely understand our needs as they have provided us with a tool that does the job accurately and efficiently.

    Author image
    • Yiannis Sykas
    • Eurasia Travel Network, Cyprus


  • Who We Are

    MariApps is Singapore based company offering state of the art maritime enterprise solutions for the marine industry. MariApps can bring to your organization key knowledge and expertise that will help your organization to excel in today’s competitive and demanding environment. Its flagship product PAL e3 is a fully web based & mobile compliant solution targeting ship managers and ship owners. With PAL e3 you will achieve ‘single version of the truth’ having all data in one place to improve your organization's performance, productivity and profitability.

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  • What We Do

    MariApps is a pioneer in web based ship management ERP. We have built a unique product which caters to all the ship management needs. Our ERP covers all modules like Crewing, Payroll, PMS, Purchase, Accounts, Catering, Voyage, Dry Dock, QDMS, Insurance to name a few. It is a web based system which can operate in all browsers and in all platforms like mobile, tablet and desktop.

    The product is designed with a plug and play design which can be easily integrated with leading banking and vendor interfaces. We offer customized maritime application development, consultancy, data building, application testing and project management.


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MariApps in the News

MariApps participates in SMM Hamburg 2016

MariApps the leading provider of Ship management ERP PAL e3, participates in the prestigious 27th edition of SMM Hamburg from 4th to 8th September, 2016.Digitalization had been chosen as one of the main topics for SMM 2016. “SMM is the first maritime trade fair globally to turn the spotlight on Industry 4.0". MariApps showcased its PAL suite in the exhibition and gained good reviews from visitors worldwide. 

MariApps takes part in Digital ship Hamburg on 25th and 26th February.

MariApps showcases its flagship PAL e3 ERP along with its partners,  World Link Communication in the conference.

Digital Ship Singapore 2015

MariApps participates in Digital ship Singapore 2015 held between 13th to 14th October

MariApps takes part in Digital Ship Athens on 11th & 12th November

MariApps showcases its flagship PAL e3 ERP along with its partners, World Link Communication in the conference

MariApps at Sea Japan 2016

MariApps along with BSM participated in Sea Japan from April 13-15, 2016 at Tokyo, Japan as part of German pavilion. Showcasing the PAL e3 solutions and shipmanagement services. Sea Japan is one of the the largest yearly marine exhibitions that attracts many vendors from all over the world. 

MariApps takes part in Posidonia, Greece 2016

MariApps along with World Link Communications participated in the Posidonia event and demonstrated PAL e3 solutions to shipping professionals from different parts of the world. This event is the centre of largest gathering of international shipping professionals in the world.

CMA Ships selects PAL e3 from MariApps marine solutions

CMA Ships (part of the CMA CGM group), one of the largest container shipping companies in the world, based in Marseille, France has selected PAL e3, the flagship marine ERP software from MariApps Marine Solutions, Singapore. Ludovic Gerard, Executive Vice President, CMA Ships and Sankar Ragavan, CEO, MariApps Marine Solutions signed the agreement in Marseille, France on 5th September, 2017 to implement PAL e3 across CMA Ships’ offices and on more than 170 vessels.

MariApps enters into a partnership with Tile Marine LLC

Tile Marine is a well reputed Maritime Organization, Headquartered in Dubai UAE, with branches in Fujairah, Oman, Mumbai, Chennai and Singapore, with subsidiaries in Ras Al Khaimah and Doha Qatar.
They operate in the fields of Marine Mechanical Engineering, Marine Telecommunications, Automation & Instrumentation and Consultancy. With this new partnership MariApps will work very closely with Tile Marine to acquire customers in Middle East.

PG Shipmanagement Pte Ltd Signs contract to implement PAL e3

PG Shipmanagement Pte Ltd is an in-house ship management company with registration in Singapore and offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Mumbai. MariApps had entered into an agreement with PG Shipmanagement Pte Ltd to implement PAL e3 on all their vessels.

Goodwood Shipping to implement PAL e3!!!

Goodwood Ship Management, a SG based company has signed a contract with MariApps to implement all PAL modules in its offices and vessels.

MariApps gets its first client in India

MariApps gets its first client in India. It will be implementing all PAL e3 modules in the next 6 months

MariApps wins a major client in Hong Kong

MariApps win a major deal with a Hong Kong client. The client manages LNG vessels and has agreed to implement our Crewing and Payroll systems.

MariApps signs ERP implementation contract with Reederei Nord, Germany

REEDEREI NORD GMBH has signed a contract with MariApps to implement the full PAL e3 ERP suite in all its offices and vessels. MariApps looks forward for another successful implementation of its product in Germany

Sankar Ragavan: A ‘Visionary’ who sees The Bigger Picture

There is a saying which goes, ‘Leadership is the ability to translate imaginations into reality.’ Challenges can be many, but a real leader is adept at managing these difficulties whenever occur. A leader provides insights and support for his team and organization, thereby thriving as a whole. One such leader is Sankar Ragavan, Founder & CEO of MariApps, who is on a mission to provide fully integrated marine solutions on web/mobile platforms, built on innovative technologies and stays ahead with continuous R&D.
Read more

MariApps listed among the '50 best companies to watch in 2017'

We specialize in Marine Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Project Management and IT consulting.Marine and Shipping needs to do far more to attract innovation in order to discover and implement the next disruptive digital technologies. The industry is facing more threats than ever to business-as-usual conditions, from technology changes – mostly from the digital sector – and from environmental regulations.
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MariApps recognized as one of the top 25 companies to work for in Asia by InsightSuccess

The sea is vast and wild, but if we can tame some of its uncertainties, then there would be incredibleoutcomes. Though the internet’s potential to reap the benefits of dry land and air has been done successfully, the sea is yet to be tapped. To mine out maximum benefits with full potential from the sea, MariApps has remarkably converted the maritime challenges into opportunities by offering state of the art maritime applications for the shipping industry.
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MariApps portrayed as company of the month in 'The CEO Magazine'

The article features MariApps as 'A rising leader in the world of ERP for Marine'. MariApps led by Sankar Ragavan is one of the leading companies in the world of web based ship management ERP. The company aims to create innovative products on successive deliveries and has already built unique products according to the needs of Ship management world.

MariApps becomes the cover story of Silicon India Magazine

MariApps featured in the Cover Story of Silicon India-Start up City Magazine, July edition. ‘MariApps: A New unicorn in the world of ERP for Marine’. The article highlights Sankar Ragavan – CEO of MariApps and the success of MariApps’s journey, commencing from building of PAL ERP and to the evolution of PAL e3- a complete and comprehensive marine ERP. MariApps provides a common platform to integrate all application needs under one umbrella.  Read more

MariApps among 25 Top ERP solution providers in 2016

MariApps has been listed by APAC CIO Outlook magazine as one of the top 25 ERP solution providers in 2016. Please see the full document in the link hereby
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MariApps agrees further cooperation with World-Link communication

MariApps agrees further cooperation with World-link Communication, a leading maritime communication provider . Project is initiated in building integrated products between PALe3 and Worldlink, to deliver a unique integrated solution offering in the market for vessel ERP, IT and communication.

Solving Challenges in the Maritime industry

MariApps in collaboration with World-Link and BSM Germany organizes a conference in Hamburg. ‘Solving Challenges in the Maritime industry’ on 24th February, 2016. Speakers from various companies were invited and many ship owners, managers, lawyers and insurance providers participated in this event. The event was a huge success. For a detailed media coverage, please visit

MariApps has entered into channel partnership agreements with AsiaNAV and Modular Infotech

MariApps has entered into channel partnership agreements with AsiaNAV and Modular Infotech. Both these partners will assist in identifying and selling PAL e3 to potential customers.

MariApps showcases its flagship product PAL e3 at Digital Ship Hamburg convention.

MariApps showcases its flagship web based and cloud based ERP, PAL e3 at DIGITAL SHIP 2015, the sixth edition of DIGITAL SHIP maritime convention held in Hamburg. An event that focuses on issues around innovation, efficiency and smart strategies in the shipping industry.

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